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Using social media and being an influencer today is the ambition of many. 

To be an "Influencer" is the most coveted profession of the moment. This word constantly bounces between the various mass media and has become part of the common language. But what does it mean specifically?


Origin: from the world of marketing

When used: on any occasion

Language: English

Distribution: global


The word “influencer” means, as reported by the Marketing Glossary, individuals  who have more or less large audiences who have the ability to influence the opinions of those who follow them.

From the point of view of social marketing, such a person can make a lot of money and give a lot of advertising to any brand: in fact, this profession has become incredibly profitable with the advent of social networks.  

That's why we start with a good idea supported by a feasible project, we use attractive graphics, we study a communication and marketing plan and then we use excellent photographers, finally we create  events that stimulate the curiosity and knowledge of ours Talents and the Brand they represent! Obviously everything must be credible and real, with an excellent team the game is done!

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